Developing the skills of your team so that they bill more, faster

Training, coaching, on-boarding, ongoing performance improvement

Session details

Acording to Microsoft there is a direct correlation that shows managers with better coaching/training skills consistently outperform their peers.

This session will highlight the critical part that your managers must play in regard to onboarding and ongoing development. They will learn how to improve each recruiter that they manage in 50 areas per year.

There will also understand how to run short, fun internal training sessions that result in improvements and greater consistency.

During this session, delegates will learn:

  • On-boarding new recruits so that they bill FASTER

  • How to improve  50 skills per annum for trainees and experienced recruiters

  • How to improve your coaching skills (the best sales managers have the best coaching skills according to Google and Microsoft studies)

  • Motivate and make it fun!

  • Complimentary recruitment-specific management diagnostic – why the secret of becoming an exceptional manager is in your own hands

You’ll know you’ve got it when you can…

  • Set the tone for success on day 1

  • Ensure essential learning gets done during the first three months

  • Ensure that new starters work harder and learn more during induction

  • Improve one skill per week for every team member

  • Pinpoint further management development need via our recruitment-specific management diagnostic


World-class recruitment-specific management masterclasses at a very affordable cost.

£350 per delegate

Discounts available for multiple session bookings. Enquire to speak to our team.