Finding star candidates for free

Revealing how to create an unbeatable and predominantly free candidate generation strategy.

Session details

In this session Mike will teach you how to develop a candidate generation strategy that not only secures the top talent for your clients, but increases the value of each placement you make by reducing the costs associated with candidate sourcing. 

You will learn how to:

  • Dramatically improve the quality and quantity of candidates you desire whilst reducing advertising costs.

  • Create a robust and sustainable culture of free candidate generation.

  • Fill far more vacancies by being able to find candidates for even the most difficult of positions.

  • Apply over 30 devastatingly simple candidate generation techniques to fill more jobs, win more business and crack more PSLs.

  • Gain 10 times as many referrals as your competitors – without paying for them. Uncover a goldmine of hidden candidates within your own database.

  • Generate scores of quality candidates each week through simple service assessment. Turn each high-demand candidate into three.

  • Treat candidate generation as a KPI and watch your consultants’ billings soar. Use simple added value services to find hundreds more candidates.

  • Turn your registration form into a candidate generation tool.