Hiring top recruiters

Techniques to source trainees and experienced recruiters, plus filters to reduce risk of mistakes

Session details

Very few managers are ever exposed to the content within this session, even though it is crucial for growth.

Your managers will learn 20 ways to source top recruiters, how to get the best out of recruitment suppliers so that they send their best candidates to you rather than your competitors, how to name gather and map out the market so that you can attract competitors to work for your business and how to avoid the risk of bad hires which are usually as a result of sloppy internal processes.

Crucially the session will equip them with the communication and leadership skills to inspire
everyone in your business to contribute to internal recruitment at limited cost.

During this session, delegates will learn:

  • 20 techniques to source top recruiters (both experienced and trainee)

  • The dangers of the hidden cost of recruitment and how to reduce it

  • How to turn your company into a talent magnet

  • Filters that reduce the risk of bad hires

  • Complimentary recruitment-specific management diagnostic – why the secret of becoming an exceptional manager is in your own hands

You’ll know you’ve got it when you can…

  • Identify target employees

  • Engage all staff in your team to help with internal recruitment

  • Gather names of other recruiters from every internal interview

  • Implement pro-active and reactive talent tracking systems for recruiters

  • Reduce the risk of hiring mistakes via a more rigorous internal hiring process

  • Pinpoint further management development need via our recruitment-specific management diagnostic


World-class recruitment-specific management masterclasses at a very affordable cost.

£350 per delegate

Discounts available for multiple session bookings. Enquire to speak to our team.