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Mike Walmsley's Strategic Support

Mike could be your NED...

Mike’s success as former MD of the international recruitment group, Parker Bridge, is well known. Offices in London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Bangkok were all successfully built and sold, monetised or remain profitable to this day.

But did you know he also built and sold Elite Leaders during which time he worked with over 300 recruitment MDs? Or that, as NED he helped 3 recruitment owners on their journeys to £Multi-million exits? And that he helped another to increase GP by $10M pa?

Mike’s Board support will improve your business.

Board meetings, chaired personally by industry expert Mike Walmsley, will quickly form a platform for improved decision-making, idea generation and accountability in your recruitment business.

Mike’s huge industry experience and personal network will constantly provide you with  fresh ideas and impartial opinions that make challenging business decisions clearer and easier to implement – and he will provide a structure and discipline that may otherwise be lacking.

He will also bring a unique insight to your business as to how simple, everyday actions can make a long term impact upon the success of your business. With a regular review of processes in place you will more easily be able to evaluate and improve business practices and you’ll be better placed to take advantage of market opportunities.

Board meetings chaired by Mike typically involve:

  • Monthly meeting to review the performance and strategic progress of the company

  • A structured agenda, circulated in advance, that enables the Board to focus on the key issues

  • Challenging decision making and dealing with difficult issues quickly and efficiently

  • Mike’s personal input of knowledge, contacts  and experience to create a competitive edge for your business

  • Holding the directors accountable for agreed actions in an impartial, non-judgmental manner

Mike has sat on the Board of companies in London, St, Albans, Manchester, Leeds and Dublin – and even as far from the UK as Australia. Meetings are held in your office (or video-conference if you are abroad).

In addition to the Board meetings, you will receive unlimited email and telephone support plus powerful documentation to strengthen the processes in your business.