Turbo-charge your business developmen

Discover new ways to win business more easily, and make placements your competitors will miss.

Session details

Mike, the UK’s leading recruitment authority and critically acclaimed developer of over 700 training videos at RecruitmentTraining.com, commands £3,000 per day for live training.

In this unique half-day event recruiters of all levels of experience and sector specialisation will learn Mike’s art of Making Business Winning Easy at a fraction of his usual cost.


In this high-impact seminar, recruiters of all levels will learn how to: 


  • How to turn cold approaches into warm calls that potential new clients will want to hear.

  • How to use warm calling techniques to ease your way past gatekeepers. Key phrases to get clients to listen – and turn these calls into new business. How to win choice new business every week – no matter how busy you are. How to crack new clients that you are struggling to break into.

  • How to get clients to give you new client referrals – even from the first time of taking a vacancy, or from a failed sales call.

  • Little known SuperBiller™ techniques that will lead to placements your competitors will miss.

  • How to pick up new vacancies even when you fail to fill a job you are working on. How to increase your focus on warm calling to win business.

  • How to improve sales activity, enjoyment and personal satisfaction from business development.

  • How to pick up vacancies that placed candidates leave behind, enabling your staff to spot opportunities that most other recruiters miss.

  • How to win new business by professionally capitalising on the work done by competitors.