Building high-performance teams

Strategy, leadership and tactics to boost sales and candidate sourcing

Session details

In this session, Mike will be opening delegates’ eyes to the hidden secret of managing and inspiring recruiters – employee engagement.

Most managers are never trained in this critical area, which is proven to improve motivational levels, enhance retention and improve profit. Mike will be giving first-hand examples of mistakes that recruitment managers inadvertently make and helping them to remove the risk of making these mistakes.

This session will also help managers improve their communication and listening skills (most salespeople are very quick thinking and therefore often “know the answer” before their staff member has finished asking the question. This can be very de-motivational).

During this session, delegates will learn:

  • The traits of good and bad managers

  • How to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of your staff so that they deliver discretionary extra effort

  • Learn why the ‘soft stuff’ of management is really the ‘hard stuff’ of management

  • Turbocharge your culture to improve billings, retention and attraction of new recruits

  • The Listening Leader – Take our ‘listening’ leader test

  • Management or communication? Learn how the best managers communicate differently and achieve better results

  • Complimentary recruitment-specific management diagnostic – why the secret of becoming an exceptional manager is in your own hands

You’ll know you’ve got it when you can…

  • Understand the #1 reason for high staff turnover in recruitment

  • Improve the way you communication to your staff

  • Understand the top 20 drivers of employee engagement

  • Apply the real motivators (above money) that  inspire your staff to go the extra mile

  • Pinpoint further management development need via our recruitment-specific management diagnostic


World-class recruitment-specific management masterclasses at a very affordable cost.

£350 per delegate

Discounts available for multiple session bookings. Enquire to speak to our team.