Exclusivity plus an introduction to retainers

Learn how to close for exclusivity and the fundamentals of closing for retained searches.

Session details

Mike will be revealing the biggest mistake in recruitment and showing you to take a massive competitive advantage by controlling clients in order to fill more vacancies.


Expect a rapid improvement in billings when your staff implement the devastatingly simple techniques contained in this power-packed session.


In this high-impact seminar, recruiters of all levels will learn how to:


  • Blow away your competitors – take and fill more exclusive vacancies.

  • Make exclusivity the norm not the exception.

  • Secure interviews when you take the vacancy.

  • Secure more interviews than you ever thought possible.

  • Stop wasting time with CVs – and start winning with commitment.

  • Earn additional £1,000s and even £10,000s by negotiating like a champion.

  • Impress your clients through your increased ability to fill more vacancies, more of the time.

  • Get clients to work the way you want them to work.

  • Manage your client’s expectations – and have more candidates for every vacancy you take.

  • The fundamentals of securing retained assignments from your clients