Create and manage a proactive business development & candidate sourcing culture

Strategy, leadership and tactics to boost sales and candidate sourcing

Session details

This session will equip managers with simple strategies that improve business development and
candidate sourcing.


Not only will they sharpen their own capability in these critical areas but they will also understand crucial measurements that will ensure greater consistency from their teams. Additionally, they will learn how to secure more business from existing clients, how they – and in time – their staff can use events to win business and how to use team job meetings as business development and candidate sourcing opportunities

Mike will reinforce the importance of ‘catching people doing things right’ as part of creating and maintaining a positive work environment where everyone is focused upon greater success.

During this session, delegates will learn:

  • How to lead from the front – the smart way

  • Use ‘job meetings’ as business development and candidate sourcing opportunities

  • Sharpen your own business development and candidate sourcing skills

  • Critical KPIs for business development and candidate sourcing

  • Use desk-side coaching to inspire your staff to bill more

  • The best ways to develop the business development skills of your staff at client meetings

  • How to run events with your teams that generate new clients and new candidates

  • Complimentary recruitment-specific management diagnostic – why the secret of becoming an exceptional manager is in your own hands

You’ll know you’ve got it when you can…


  • Personally use fresh business development and candidate sourcing techniques

  • Inspire staff to win new business on a daily basis

  • Inspire staff to win source new candidates on a daily basis

  • Ensure that systematic sales processes are followed

  • Know how and when to intervene to boost performance 

  • Conduct desk-side coaching without resistance from staff

  • Pinpoint further management development need via our recruitment-specific management diagnostic


World-class recruitment-specific management masterclasses at a very affordable cost.

£350 per delegate

Discounts available for multiple session bookings. Enquire to speak to our team.